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“ At every step, there seems to be another smile, another patient walking better. We’re all on that journey forward.”

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Physical Therapy

Our orthopedic therapists have more than 20 special certifications to help you recover quickly, allowing you to journey on better than you may have thought possible.

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Orthopedic Urgent Care

No one wants to wait while in pain. See an orthopedic specialist in clinic right away, without a higher co-pay.

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Emergency Room

From migraines to fractures, we have a full-service ER without the usual wait. See a doctor in less than 15 minutes on average.

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Virtual Care

Get the answers you seek from an orthopedic surgeon with a virtual visit.

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Covid Testing

For a price or cost for Covid, or coronavirus, testing visit:

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At Affix Orthocare, we believe creating the best experience for each patient begins by listening to their healthcare needs, lifestyle and goals. Our patients are seen, diagnosed and treated faster, have shorter hospital stays, and experience an easier, more confident road to recovery.


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